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Our Toddler Program

Our Toddler Program is designed to allow toddlers to communicate effectively, become independent, and express their individualities, in a stimulating educational environment. Our Toddler classrooms have their own restrooms to begin introducing toddlers to the potty! Potty training is a developmental milestone for this age group, and the teachers at Texas Little Conservationists are trained to aid and introduce toddlers to the potty with set potty schedules.

Our toddler classrooms are filled with plenty of developmental age appropriate toys and activities. Rooms are set up in centers to foster all sorts of educational activities, dramatic play, creative art, music centers, library, manipulatives, and circle time. The program is designed to transition your child from infant to toddler in an educational environment that promotes self-help skills, positive self-esteem, social skills, verbal/ language development and gross/fine motor skills. We make sure that parents stay informed and involved with daily reports. Teachers engage, guide and counsel children, yet allow them the freedom to explore on their own. We work and communicate with parents to make sure we are both on the same page when it comes to potty training.

Toddler Program provides:

Verbal & Language Development

  • naming and identifying objects
  • looking at books
  • sign language
  • expressing emotions
  • using more words in vocabulary

Creative Art

  • painting, coloring, markers, pencils, stamping
  • introduction to scissors and gluing
  • showing children how to correctly grasp

Social & Emotional Skills

  • follows routines
  • can share and take turns
  • plays independently, and with friends

Gross/Fine Motor Skills

  • does puzzles
  • climbs outdoor equipment
  • uses eating utensils
  • dumping and filling items
  • pulling and pushing objects

Self-Help Skills

  • naps on cot
  • goes potty
  • washes hands
  • drinks from cup

Music & Creative Movement

  • finger plays
  • tumbling
  • sings songs
  • puppets
  • gym time

Dramatic Play

  • dress up clothes
  • play kitchen area
  • play food and dishes
  • dramatic play themes change occasionally

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