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Our Preschool Program

Our Preschool Program is designed to offer a rich variety of activities in a structured environment. The Preschool Program transitions children from toddler to preschool in an educational environment that promotes independence in self-help skills, problem solving skills, self control, responsible and respectful behavior, and introduction to math readiness, basic science, beginning writing skills, language development and social skills. Preschoolers participate in creative art projects, cooking projects and science projects. Preschoolers are also introduced to our computer lab where they practice basic computer skills such as typing, and play educational CD ROM games. The purpose of our Preschool Program is to prepare children who will soon be entering Pre-K or Kindergarten and provide a comprehensive learning center approach that challenges children and supports all areas of development. At Texas Learning Center, we want our preschoolers to have an advanced transition into Kindergarten and enter with confidence and the necessary basic skills. Our teacher’s help satisfy children’s interest by getting to know their strengths and inclinations, and providing age appropriate activities to help them build their skills and knowledge.

Preschool Program provides:

Social & Emotional Skills

  • follows routines and directions
  • understands the concept of sharing and taking turns
  • expresses feelings with words
  • plays with friends or independently
  • positive self- image

Gross/Fine Motor Skills

  • has a sense of balance
  • runs without falling
  • can climb stairs or playground equipment
  • can draw pictures
  • traces lines
  • can use scissors

Language/Literacy Development

  • can recognize their name
  • recognizes letters and numerals
  • holds books properly
  • participates in group discussions
  • uses sentences when speaking

Math Readiness

  • understands the concept of more and less (than)
  • can recognize numbers
  • count to 20
  • recognize patterns
  • knows basic shapes
  • can sort and match objects

Basic Science Skills

  • identify their 5 senses
  • perform simple investigations
  • make predictions
  • make observations and ask questions

Begining Writing Skills

  • can correctly grasp writing utensils
  • can trace lines, writes left to right
  • can identify their name and friends names

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